Storm Chaser by Aramis




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Storm Chaser is a collection of 8 mp3 instrumental tracks featuring acoustic & electric guitars. While 4 of the tracks are solo guitar tunes you will also hear a real didgeridoo on the track Bundjalung. A tricky little tune called Flésellé played completely on the guitars harmonics & full production band tracks like Storm Chaser.

I like to play fingerstyle guitar & often in alternate tunings & sometimes percussively.

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I hear the guitar as a complete instrument & love to explore the many tones that can be produced by it. I think if you are a guitar lover you will enjoy this album, so please have a listen to the lo-fi mp3 samples on the little player opposite. I'm sorry but lo-fi mp3 doesn't really do the acoustic guitar justice so I would encourage you if you like the tunes to buy the high quality MP3 album where you'll hear some really nice sounding guitars. Aramis


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the single MP3 Bundjalung available here

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